Looking Back On 2018 With The BMBA

Looking Back On 2018 With The BMBA

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2018 was the best year for BMBA yet! Excluding 2019 that is ...

We had a lot of amazing things happen for BMBA in 2018. As a club we grew by leaps and bounds, we added the GFT's first wooden features since becoming a recognized city park/bike club, we added Wickham Park to the list of trails we manage, we hosted some great events for BMBA members and the community at large, and so much more! Since I've been involved with BMBA it has been great to see the club grow so much, the main trail evolve and become what it has become, and see, first hand, our community grow. Join me in looking back at this years major accomplishments and get thrilled over what we have in store for 2019.

2018 with BMBA

All of us put in a ton of work this year to push the club to the next level. Thank you for all of your hard work! Here is a list of all of the things we were able to accomplish together:

Extended the Shoreline including adding the GFT's first wooden g-out.

Redesigned the Pro-line which now includes a wooden step-on/step-off.

Built a wooden turn around at Rock 'n Roll to connect the pineapple kicker.

Built a large wooden g-out across the drainage ditch out west and have been actively building a new line, Mr. Crowley, adjacent to the West Indies jump line that will end at the large wooden g-out.

Installed a natural wooden bench by the main table behind the main kiosk.

Cleared behind the main kiosk in preparation for future installation of social structures.

Cut out and started work on a beginner jump line with a return just after the pineapple kicker to the left of Nick's Jumps.

Hosted 2 BMBA Parties as well as organized many BMBA members events.

Presented the 2017 volunteer hours to the City of Palm Bay with a huge "check" for 7341 hours of volunteer labor. This is $161,502 worth of labor BMBA has donated to the city according to the national value of volunteer time.

Maintained all of the trail to keep it rideable all year long – again!

Wickham Park: Added 2 completely new trail sections.

Wickham Park: Added 2 completely new connector trails connecting the North and South Loops more efficiently.

Wickham Park: Created an efficient trail pattern that minimizes time on double track and maximizes trail distance.

Wickham Park: Added over 3 dozen directional trail markers.

Wickham Park: Reworked many sandy/regularly flooded sections and berms/corners to forge hard packed and dry trails.

Wickham Park: Kept the trail running and trimmed during the wet season.

Wickham Park: Worked on trail segment names for better references.

Wickham Park: Worked with Park Management for future kiosks as well as materials for better trail maintenance.

BMBA Vice President Glen Dunnam and BMBA Treasurer Mike Blinne
BMBA Members Only Ride
BMBA Volunteer Coordinator James Harvey

Our Goals for 2019

As you probably know we are a group with big dreams. If you ever talk to an officer or member of the board of directors you'd probably hear a list of things they'd love to do around the trail. That being said we have made a list, as a group, of somethings we'd like to try to accomplish. Here is what we've thrown down on paper:

Re-imagine the Ridgeline Drop

Create a new trail off Everest (the first large climb heading east from the West Indies).

Finish the Mr. Crowley line.

Finish the beginner Jump line in the east.

Host 1 party per quarter.

Maintain all of the trail to keep it rideable all year long – again!

Open the connector trail between the GFT and Turkey Creek.

Fully Integrate Wickham Park into the BMBA.

Wickham Park: Continue to work with Park Management for future kiosks as well as materials for better trail maintenance.

Your 2019 Membership

You've probably heard us say it many times but we NEED you! We do not receive funding from the city, or any other major source. All of BMBA's operating funds come from YOU! This is anything from wood, to equipment, to party supplies, and even insurance so that the parks we manage can house mountain bikers.

If you have an active membership than you already are helping and we appreciate your contributions. If you didn’t renew (or purchase) a membership from November 2018 through today than you are due for a renewal (or new) membership. You can purchase a single or family membership at www.RideBMBA.org/florida-bike-club. You can also purchase or renew your membership at the trail by submitting written membership form and your dues at the trail head kiosk, or in person to any of our officers or board of directors members (listed here: www.RideBMBA.org/florida-mountain-bike-club). Again, thank you for your continued support!

So, what do you get for your membership?

Access to a biking community of like minded individuals who also love off-road biking.

Invitation to a monthly members only trail ride at the Grapefruit Trail. Post ride hangout, food, and drinks almost always follow whether at the trail or a local restaurant/bar.

Invitation to a monthly all-ages/all-skill level trail work day to not only maintain features but to build new.

Invitation to the yearly BMBA Annual Trail Bash and Swap Meet.

Access to the GFT Riders Facebook Page – an active, user driven (BMBA members) Facebook group that shares everything from local trail conditions to industry news.

Access to the BMBA Members page which gives you a snapshot of everything going on within the club (including, but not limited to: accurate and up-to-date trail conditions, blogs, members calendar, picture streams, and more).

The self-reassurance that you are positively contributing to biking trails in Brevard.

Thank you for all of your support! We can’t wait to see you in 2019!

Renew Your Membership Today
BMBA / Bob's Bicycles Wickham Park Ride
GFT Trail Maintenance and Improvement Day
BMBA Volunteer Hour Check Presentation to Palm Bay Mayor William Capote

Thank you for reading, please pass it along!

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