Welcome to the New Face of BMBA!

Welcome to the New Face of BMBA!

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Here we are, three years in, and we’ve saved the Grapefruit Trail (GFT) from COMPLETE destruction more times than we can count, we’ve poured our blood, sweat, and tears out creating a world-class trail right here in our backyards of Brevard County, FL, and we’ve had more beers than we can remember – what a trip it has been so far!!! There have been so many good memories and so many great rides! As we launch our new website we are looking far into the future of BMBA, the GFT, and MTB in Brevard – and the future is good.

Bigger. Better. Faster. Stronger.

From us, expect to see more events, more rides, more features, more trail, more bikes, and best of all more world wide web all over your face. As BMBA members you’ll now have access to up to date trail information, monthly club events (including trail building and rides), a yearly BMBA Annual Trail Bash and Swap Meet, an active member driven GFT Riders Facebook page dedicated to everything from local trail conditions to industry news, a group blog, and active Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds. There are plans already in motion for a GFT parking lot, new trail features including new lines and wood obstacles, and even “strict” plans on being the most volunteered for trail in the state of Florida 2 years in a row (miles of trail in comparison to volunteer hours)!
With so much in our past and even more in our future we are excited and thankful to have you with us (and if you aren’t a member yet or haven’t paid this year’s dues please considering joining/making your membership current on our Membership Page.) Being a grassroots non-profit we are as reliant on our members as any club could be – we are nothing without you! See you on the trail – Bike STRONG (and remember it’s no excuse that you’re two tired!)

Thank you for reading, please pass it along!

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