BMBA Membership Benefits

Thank you for considering joining BMBA! We are a non-profit, Mountain Bike enthusiast driven club whom are responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Grapefruit Trail in Palm Bay, Florida, the creation and maintenance of the Bike Trails at Wickham Park in Melbourne, Florida, and we are dedicated to the advancement of Mountain Biking and Mountain Bike Trails within Brevard County, Florida. Our club exists on membership dues and donations entirely so your support greatly impacts us and our community. Thank you again for your membership/donation consideration.
Included in Your Yearly Membership:
  • The piece of mind that you directly impact the Grapefruit Trail, Wickham Park Bike Trails, and Mountain Biking in Brevard County, FL.
  • Invitation to a monthly members only trail ride at the Grapefruit Trail.
  • Invitation to a monthly all-ages/all-skill level trail maintenance day to not only maintain features but to build new. Club provided water, camaraderie, and high fives are included FREE of charge.
  • Invitation to the annual BMBA Annual Trail Bash and Swap Meet.
  • Invitation to the seasonal, weather permitting, weekly ride with Bob's Bicycles at Wickham Park.
  • Access to the GFT Riders Facebook page – an active user driven (BMBA members) Facebook group that shares everything from local trail conditions to industry news.
  • Did we mention that that you'll be directly impacting the Grapefruit Trail, Wickham Park Bike Trails, and Mountain Biking in Brevard County, FL?!?!

BMBA Membership Options

Brevard Mountain Bike Association is 501c3 nonprofit and relies solely on donations for help covering the cost of insurance, trail maintenance materials and events. An Individual Membership requires a $25 donation to BMBA and provides an annual membership starting from the date of your membership payment. Family Memberships are only $35 and cover up to 4 people in your family.
You may also make a donation to BMBA of any amount using the "Make a Donation" button. Our goal is to continue to enhance the Grapefruit Trail and we will work to promote advocacy and assistance to other trail systems in the future.

City of Palm Bay Waivers

To keep BMBA's relationship with the City of Palm Bay a success, and to be confirmed as a member of BMBA, you must have a waiver signed, notarized and submitted to receive your Parks & Recreation Identification Card from the City of Palm Bay. This may appear to be an inconvenience, but it is the price we pay for the City of Palm Bay to take a risk on keeping the GFT open, and letting us ride there. For details please expand the agreement bar below.
“Ensure that all active members and their children execute a waiver which shall meet the form required by Section 316.0085, Florida Statutes, and the Florida Mutual Insurance Trust to be provided by, returned to and kept by the City of Palm Bay’s Park and Recreation Department. All persons to whom waivers are issued can obtain a card signifying that they have a waiver in their possession. NOTICE: Cyclists using the Grapefruit Trail must obtain a Parks & Recreation Identification Card from the City of Palm Bay. Cyclists must provide a signed and notarized waiver in order to obtain the free identification card. Cyclists under 18 must have the form completed, signed by a parent or guardian and notarized."
What this means in plain language: If you, or your kids get hurt at the Grapefruit trails, you won’t sue the City of Palm Bay. The waiver is required to invoke a new Florida state law (316.0085, Florida Statutes), that helps cities provide mountain bike trails to their citizens, without fear of being sued.
The waivers must be notarized, and submitted to the Parks Administrative offices located at 1150 DeGroodt Rd SW from 9:00am until 4:30pm Monday through Friday or the Palm Bay Community Center at 1502 Port Malabar Blvd NE Monday through Friday 9:30am – 8:30pm and Saturday from 9:00am – 4:30pm to get your Identification Card. Forms are also available at either location.
Every BMBA member needs to get it done to ensure our future relationship with the City of Palm Bay stays strong. Both the youth and adult waiver PDF's can be downloaded below:
Adult Waiver Youth Waiver

Membership Payments

Upon completion of the donation form the Proceed to Payment button will take you to our secure Paypal payment page. A paypal account is not necessary, you may also make a payment using your debit or credit card. After your successful payment you will receive an email with a receipt of your tax-deductible BMBA donation.

Please select your BMBA Membership choice:

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I agree to sign, notarize and submit the City of Palm Bay Waiver

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Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.