About BMBA

Brevard Mountain Bike Association (BMBA) is an International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) sanctioned bike club that resides on the central east coast of Florida in Brevard County. We are a group of likeminded individuals whose purpose is to maintain and grow the quantity and quality of mountain bike trails and bike community in Brevard County. Our objectives, within Brevard County, FL, are to:
  • Fight for the preservation and expansion of trails.
  • Organize group rides.
  • Unite trail maintenance and improvement.
  • Nourish and grow the biking community.
  • Educate the community, at large, on the importance of preserving natural areas and supporting the Mountain Biking culture.
Trail Maintenance Day at the GFT
Trail Maintenance Day at the GFT
BMBA is a 501c3 nonprofit grassroots organization originally founded with the purpose of saving the Grapefruit Trail (GFT), a freeride focused trail system running through wild citrus groves, along the Tillman Canal, in Palm Bay, FL. While the GFT is, and will always be, the “home trail” of our group, BMBA has extended its purpose and now lends a hand in virtually every mountain bike trail within the county. Now, we are also solely responsible for not only the GFT but the mountain biking trails at Wickham Park as well.

Our Mission

BMBA is committed to promoting healthy, active, outdoor lifestyles through off-road riding in Brevard County. We hope to maintain and grow the quantity and quality of mountain bike trails and bike community within our county. Our organization supports trail access, maintenance and responsible use by mountain bike riders who benefit from improved fitness, skills and confidence as well as a deepened love and respect for the trails they share with other user groups. The safety of all trail users and the long-term sustainability of the GFT and Wickham Park Bike Trails are among our first priorities, and it is our mission to build upon member and community support through education, outreach and advocacy.
As previously mentioned, our mission of preservation, expansion, and education extends beyond the community and trails we are solely responsible for (the GFT and Wickham Park Trails) to the every trail system in Brevard County! Thanks for taking the time to learn about BMBA. We hope you consider joining us and become the next individual or family to support Mountain Biking in Brevard County!

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