Brevard County Trails Overview

An overall map of South Brevard County, showing the various riding opportunities within this area. This map is an overview to show the general trail locations, specific trail maps are available for the locations listed. As we develop maps for more locations we will post them.
Brevard County Trails Map

Grapefruit Trail

2.5 miles of intermediate to advanced very flowy singletrack surrounding an advanced dirt jump track filled with hips, transfers, and doubles. After completing the beginner entrance trail the rider is taken on a one way loop with many options to ride drops, tabletops, gap jumps, step-ups, berms, and various jump lines. The rider has the option to session areas including sub-loops and can pass all advanced sections in favor of flowy singletrack with quick changing elevation. Trails are well marked, helmets are required, and caution is recommended.
Parking: Within the parking lot by the main trail sign. Route your GPS's to 1414 Norbert Rd NE, Palm Bay, FL 32907, take the dirt road on the east side of the drainage canal, and the parking lot will be on your right.
Grapefruit Trail Map

Malabar and Palm Bay Trails

10 miles of beginner to light-intermediate classic Florida singletrack through hydric hammock, mesic hammock, sand pine scrub, xeric hammock, scrub, scrubby flatwoods, and pine flatwoods that flows through Turkey Creek Sanctuary, Malabar Scrub Sanctuary (East/West), and Cameron Preserve. The trails are well marked (including direction) and offer a variety of cross-county riding conditions. Expect small elevation changes, tight winding turns, sand pits, technical root sections, bridges, and hard packed singletrack.
Parking: At the marked trail crossing off Briar Creek Blvd in Palm Bay, FL.
Malabar and Palm Bay Trail Map
Malabar Trail Pattern

Wickham Park Trails

8 miles of beginner single/doubletrack through pine flatwoods, hydric hammock, mesic hammock, xeric hammock, and sand pine scrub. Trails are virtually unmarked but offer nice cross-country riding conditions. Expect small elevation changes including large rollers, very tight trails, sand pits, technical root sections, and hard packed singletrack – doubletrack is only ridden as connector trails. Exploring the trails to master their layout is key and GPS is strongly recommended. The trails are also prone to sever flooding in Summer. This map is under construction, and is not yet complete. Please utilize the version linked below to see how the trail sections are accessed. 
Parking: At the Wickham Park soccer fields off of Croton Rd. Trail access just west of parking on both the north and south sides.
Wickham Park Trails Map

Jordan Scrub Nature Sanctuary

5 miles of beginner single/double track through seasonal marshes, scrubby flatwoods, and around lakes. The rider will encounter a few technical root sections. The trails are marked OK and offer, exposed to the sun, cross-country riding on hard pack track with the occasional sand pit. The sight of Bald Eagles and Scrub Jays are common and more trails are planned to be developed.
Parking: At the trailhead just off Marie Street South of Malabar Road in Malabar, FL.
Jordan Scrub Nature Sanctuary Map