Getting Connected with BMBA

Getting Connected with BMBA

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With so much going on these days it’s really easy to get lost in the shuffle. Let me be the first to say that we don’t want that to happen to you. BMBA is extremely appreciative of all our members and if you’ve ever taken the step out to get to know us you’d find that we are a very welcoming, and down-to-earth group of mountain biking obsessed! Now that you’re a member – shake and bake!

But what does that really mean!? In truth, I don’t know - I just like Talladega Nights. But in reality I am here to tell you how to get yourself connected once you’ve joined in just 5 easy steps. If we haven’t met you yet, let me be the first to say “welcome” and we look forward to catching a lap or jump with you. If we have met you but you talk about us to your friends like “…back when I used to bike both ways, uphill, in the snow with BMBA…” it’s just about time we see you again! Whether you are in one of those camps or in some other dimension of your own here’s how YOU can change that and enjoy biking in Brevard the way it was meant to be.

The 5 D’s of Dodgeball Ways to Get and Stay Connected to BMBA

1. Regularly visit our Members Page

This web page is an up-to-date snapshot of EVERYTHING going on in our club (from upcoming events to trail conditions and more). Go ahead and just bookmark it now - BMBA Members Page

2. Hang-out at our monthly Members Only ride

Oh, and don’t forget your super cool 80’s Members Only jacket :). This “ride” is really just time for us to chill, together, on the trail we love so much, the Grapefruit Trail. Session, train, or just bring out your chair to take some pics…whatever you decide we’d love to see you out to enjoy everything we work so hard for along side of others who share your same passions.

3. Get so Social online you’ll break the internet (or at least drain your phone battery)

Members are encouraged to join our rider-driven Facebook community group the GFT Riders. Haven’t joined yet? Just visit the group and make a request! We also have official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, please join us!

Trail Maintenance and Improvement Day - May 2016
Trail Maintenance and Improvement Day - May 2016

4. Get your shovel on during a Trail Maintenance and Improvement day

“I don’t have any time to add extra work…”, “I’m too busy to…”, OK, OK, enough with all the excuses! Although it took me years to finally make it out and toss dirt around on the trail I can promise you it is incredibly rewarding and extremely fun. I actually look forward to this day each month and so does my family (and that includes my toddler)! I wish I would have joined the trail crew sooner. All skill levels are welcome and you’ll be happy to know you’ll be leaving with a strong sense of self-worth and an addiction to trail maintenance and improvement days. Sounds crazy – but it is TRUE!

5. Take a break

I mean that, when you’re out riding just take a break when you see a group on the trail. Odds are they are friendly and you guys can banter about how amazing it is to be on your bikes or how cool “that tree” is. In all the years I’ve ridden in Brevard, and all the people I’ve met on the trails, I can’t say I’ve met but 1 or 2 cotton headed ninny muggins. The rest…well…we’re BFFs.

BMBA Members Only Ride
A group taking a break to hang out during a Members ONLY ride.

How Would YOU Like to Hear from BMBA?

If you haven’t noticed yet, we at BMBA have been working really hard on connecting our members over the last couple of years. We thought now would be a great time to get some feedback from you guys on what the best way to get club happenings and information to you is.

If you have a few extra seconds, would you mind letting us know what you think by taking this quick survey? Thanks!

Thank you for reading, please pass it along to a friend!

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